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Data Recovery Advice

Below are various instances of digital storage devices going faulty. My advice in all cases is Google the problem. I often go to a site called that provides decent assistance (free) and will recover the data for you if required (not free).

Unfortunately I dropped my external hard drive and when I plug it in it no longer registers. There's a faint beeping sound for a few seconds when I do plug it in. I don't think it's spinning up at all.

Samsung Galaxy S6, broken lcd screen when I dropped the phone however it can't be repaired sinced the frame is slightly bent. I am insured, however before I send my phone away I would love to recover the data on my phone in particular the photos. I am unable to do this myself despite the phone still tunning and being recognised on my PC via USB as my phone is locked.

Can't access hard drive as seems corrupted. Only want two folders recovered from it.

3TB Seagate Barracuda (Expansion Desk – gently removed from enclosure) unrecognisable via USB and SATA. Hum and clicks (then repeating) on connection to power and 2 PCs.

This is the personal hard drive of one of our directors and has been dropped previously and smashed open. The drive contains personal images of family holidays, which the director is keen to recover.

My external hard drive doesnt not come up on the laptop or desktop when connect. Does not show anywhere so i cant even access it. thank as i look forward to hearing from you.

I put my Samsung Galaxy S5 inside of washing machine. Externally is looks perfect and not show any kind of damage but it does not turn it on.

WD Passport Ultra external hard drive used for a MacBook 2tb. Will not load up on computer. A continuous clicking sound like it is trying to load. Need all data on hard drive.

The hard drive makes ticking sound and my computer cannot read it. no detection, WD10EZRX-00L4HB0

failure of a host z5k500-500 hard drive out of a mac book pro, it made a clicking noise just be for failure and will now not boot,

I'm helping a friend out who's hard drive has failed. The drive is a Verbatim 3TB. It is/was an external drive, but one that is basically an internal drive inside a box. I have taken it out of the box, so it is now essentially the same as an internal drive (SATA connection). When the drive is powered up it spins up, makes a screeching sound, a couple of clicks, the powers down again. I can't be sure, but I think it may have overheated due to being left on in an area with low air flow. Could you give me a ballpark quote for this kind of recover, if it is possible. Many thanks, Phil. Ps. It would be better to email me as I normally cannot answer my mobile at work.

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