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Tips on Hard Drive Faults

We have a lenovo tablet, it was going through an android update but partway through it went to the bios menu. On the bios menu we selected reboot. After rebooting it is stuck on the lenovo screen. You can switch it off and on but it will only get as far as the lenovo screen. When plugged in to a computer, the computer doesn't recognise it. Please could you let us know if it's possible to recover any photos/videos on the tablet? if it's possible to fix the tablet that's great but the photos/videos are priority. Please could we have a quote if it's possible? Please could you contact me via email as I wont be able to answer my phone whilst at work.

I have three tablets with research data from Malawi – some of which seems to be missing. I wondered if there is any way you could have a look and see if you could recover the data on them? I am in interviews all day today so if you could email me, that would be easiest.

accidently reset factory setting on iphone 4 .. has video of my mum who has passed away on.. tried to recover it myself all I get is since factory setting stuff. video is on the actual phone.. need you to un factory setting it?
do you think you could do it as its very valuable to me if so how much wil this cost approx.?

My windows (10) HDD has been getting progressively slower over the last few months. I only use the PC 5 hours a week. Slow performance was most noticeable just after windows booted, and for 1-2 minutes after log in. After a few minutes the PC would become usable. However last week, the PC failed to boot and the BIOS could not find the drive. I removed the HDD and put into into a USB external case connected to a laptop. There I could hear the HDD as it powered up. It made the usual first 2-3 seconds of faint clicking (heads engaging?) , but then just a faint whistle and windows explorer on my laptop could not 'see the drive. Its a Seagate barracuda 500gb sata-II drive, about 3-4 years old.

While trying to get a DVD out of a very tight case, The DVD cracked, from the middle, about a Half inch long. I have tried 3 DVD programs but they come up with No disc In Drive. The DVD contains video footage that is very precious to me.Please can you help.

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