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Monday, 20-Mar-2017 19:23 Email | Share | Bookmark
Laptop Lost Data

My laptop was forgotten on and stopped cause of battery low. When I turn on again, after 1 week, was appear a totally different desktop without anything which I had on desktop.(pdf,documents, folders). everything was gone.Then I downloaded my pictures from a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge on desktop, in 2 new folders. After that I turn the phone to factory settings cause had problem with charging. On the laptop, on desktop,was now 2 folders with pictures ( aprox 5GB) and some little videos in the same folders. After a while , 2-3 hours, the laptop get in stand by. When I moved the touchpad, everything come back to the initial situation , exactly how I left and i knew it with 1 week ago , with wallpaper, my pdf.s , folders , documents etc…exactly the same. The problem is now I can t find the 2 folders with photos , which I moved from the phone. I tried all searches and many recovery programs. I mentioned I didn t deleted them . Just I cant find them. Now , My question is…how we can recover them? how is much better? from the laptop hard or from the phone ( the phone was formated to factory settings and doesn t have card , just internal memory). If you can help me please contact me I'm local to Glasgow.

My wifes I phone had a broken screen, so we thougt it could be replaced by buying a kit, The video's made it look simple, big mistake! now its in pieces and did not relase she had not backed it up. Can you recovery the lost pictures and video and notes ??

Was dropped off desk at a party whilst connected to laptop. Something shows up when plugged in / blue light on hard drive shows up, however nothing appears as it usually would do on the laptop. I'm close to Glasgow city centre and can call in

Laptop hardrive started making a clicking noise in MacBook Pro mid 2010. 320gb SATA hardrive Toshiba.
Software recovery not possible. How much would it cost for data recovery?

I have recently purchased a Lenovo T540p second-hand. It was probably a company laptop but I bought it from a reputable London pawn shop on eBay. It has Win 8.1 installed but originally was setup with Win 7 Pro. I want to install a new hard drive (SSD) and do a clean install of Windows 8.1 onto the machine. I will remove the old HDD and put it into a different machine.
However I can see that the laptop has first of all a Power On Password (POP) or a supervisor password set on it which does not allow me to make changes to a some of the BIOS
settings. I see also that there may be a Hard Disk password on the HD as well but I will have to check that. It is still under warranty, but Lenovo may not be that helpful with this I hear? I do not know if it is just the Power On Password or if there is a supervisor password on it as well. I am able to press enter in order to bypass the BIOS password entry
and enter the BIOS but this leaves some entries grayed out so I cannot change them.
I would like to enable virtualization on the machine in order to run Oracle Virtualbox and also would like to have access to the full BIOS.
I would also like there not to be a password on the HDD so I can reuse it one it is extracted from the machine.
I could get in contact with the pawn shop but I doubt the would have a way to contact the previous owner.
I could open up the machine and take out the CMOS battery (details in the t540p hardware manual) to reset the Power On Password.
But my understanding is that if there is a supervisor password set on the machine this will then render this machine inaccessible unless I then also input the supervisor password?

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