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NAS Hard Drive Data Recovery

NAS hard drives are a very popular addition to many IT environments but what happens if your NAS becomes faulty and you need the data recovered from it? There are man options for NAS data recovery and in this article we’ll explore the options available.

NAS hard drive are available from many manufacturers including Buffalo (LinkStation and TeraStation), DLink, LaCie (now part of Seagate), Lenovo (formerly Iomega) StorCentre, Netgear ReadyNAS, QNAP, Seagate Blackarmour, Synology RackStation, SnapServer, Thecus, WD (WD). At the heart of each NAS is a collection of hard drives, often using either an RAID 0, RAID 1 or RAID 5 configuration. For a more in depth understanding of NAS hard drives take a look at Wikipedia (

The larger NAS hard drives (usually 4 disks or more) are built using RAID 5 architecture. RAID 5 is the common data storage standard for larger NAS hard drives and it means that one of the hard drives in the NAS can fail completely without the NAS losing any data - so it’s a great way of providing a built in safety net. Smaller 2 disk NAS hard drive systems using either RAID 1 that duplicates the data on each drive (known a mirroring), or RAID 0 that writes half of one file to one disk and the other half to the other disk (known as striping). Striping can be dangerous because it only needs one disk to fail for the entire NAS to fail and the data to be lost. RAID 0 is used by those requiring high data transfer speeds (typically people who use large files) while RAID 1 is popular in home environments. Whichever RAID level your NAS hard drive uses, if things go wrong and you loose your data you’ll need a RAID data recovery service to get it back.

NAS Data Recovery Services
NAS data recovery is a service that is highly specialised. Retrieving the data from broken NAS hard drives, particularly ones that use RAID is a complex task and is not something to trust to a PC shop or IT company. You need a RAID and NAS specialist, someone who understands the NAS hard drive you have and will be able to recover the data from it correctly. The web is filled with horror stories from people and companies who have had non NAS specialists try to restore their data only for them to find that the company loose their data as they did not known how to retrieve the data correctly. My own personal recommendation or a decent NAS data recovery specialist would be Data Clinic (, a well known UK company who specialist in NAS hard drive restoration, repair and recovery services. Many positive reviews of Data Clinic are available on line, just search the web.

So remember that NAS hard drives are complex pieces of equipment and when they go wrong recovering the files and folders from them is the job of a NAS specialist, not a high street shop or IT company who don’t understand NAS or RAID complexities.[img]

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