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Tuesday, 3-Dec-2013 10:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My Visit to Data Clinic Ltd's Northampton Offices

Last week I travelled across the country to visit Data Clinic's Northampton hard drive recovery lab. For those of you familiar with the UK you'll know Northampton and surrounding South East England areas are prone to flooding from time to time, and I arrived at Data Clinic to find a lot of crashed hard drives needing data recovery. There are lots of kinds of scenarios that demand data recovery and natural disasters, for example fires and floods, can be the most demanding in regards to data recovery. Your hardware might be partly or sometimes absolutely destroyed, whenever these tragedies occur. Sometimes it's worse since your backups might be kept on-site and were also destroyed in the catastrophe. Many companies have gone broke because of the natural disasters. They loose so much significant advice and occasionally cannot regain the data.

Data can occasionally be recovered even in the event the drive electronics and plastic parts are melted, as it pertains to fire destruction. Whether these exterior parts of the drive may be changed, you'll more times than not have the ability to recover this data.

This kind of data loss is not likely to be recovered by yourself. This ought to be done once possible for the greatest opportunities. I'd advise to not try yourself because this may cause more harm than essential. For the greatest opportunities, leave it to the experts.

Water harm might be from the flood, and in the Northampton region we understand all about floods as well as the harm it causes. The hard drive can be affected by these types of water damage in two ways. First, there will probably be electric destruction, and when it submerged for quite a while water may leak-through the drive seal. If this occurs, soil and other contaminants are more than likely to enter the drive. It'll put the data in danger and disperse to the platters.

It's a serious kind of destruction and also you do not need to allow it to be worse. Professionals do that daily and it is best to send it in immediately. Ensure that when the drive is wet, since in case you dry it out that you maintain it wet, it might cause contaminants to reach the interior and you might lose all of your data. The best thing to-do would-be to bundle the drive in a water-tight container.

Thursday, 28-Nov-2013 15:36 Email | Share | | Bookmark
New NetGear NAS is Fffast !!

Netgear has introduced what it claims is the planet's fastest desktop network-attached storage system (NAS), the 10-gigabit-Ethernet equipped ReadyNAS 716.

It's this network backbone, coupled with the memory, that allows Netgear make its performance boasts with statements of the capability to stream numerous 4 K movies simultaneously without stressing the device. As with the organization's other ReadyNAS products, the device runs the Linux-based ReadyNAS OS with snapshot, cloud-based replication help and automated storage pool expansion through the X-RAID2 program. For additional storage is needed by those who, eSATA connectivity is included by the box for an optional external drive chassis - boosting the possible peak storage capacity to a remarkable 84TB.

Unfortunately, all these functions do not come cheap. With no disks included, assuming the network to which it's to link is 10 - gig ready customers anxious to accelerate their network storage must spend at least GBP2, 200 excluding VAT for that box. The organization hasn't indicated whether it plans to provide a less expensive variant more suitable for home use, maintaining at least one 10-gig port but switching to a lesser quantity of non-ECC memory - but should this product prove popular, it will be silly of the organization not to consider this type of move.

Tuesday, 19-Nov-2013 15:39 Email | Share | | Bookmark
SSD Problems with XtremIO

An EMC professional has confessed the SSDs within the firm's main XtremIO allflash arrays possess a higher failure rate after setup.

He continues: "I don't understand the reason why they occur at this type of high rate... in my experience I believe that it's a fairly high rate."

As per a records The Register has found, XtremIO chief engineering officer Robin Ren stated at an Oct EMC boot-camp the deadon-arrival (DOA) speed is so large.

He explained: "I am not-too pleased about our area equipment failure price for a number of reasons. But, a large proportion of breakdowns - we've seen more than 150 X-Bricks to date - [pauses] in actual customer environments... [and] yet another 200 methods internally. I believe we've found lots of DOAs when it comes to pushes."

When questioned concerning this, El Reg was told by Ren:

Among the things that people assembled in to XtremIO is XDP, our data protection formula. Therefore, even if a couple of drives do fail - which again, occurs in almost any system - XDP provides top flash drive stamina and shields the variety. Again, it's a nonissue.

That is actually a nonissue, but pleased you asked and am pleased to offer some framework. My opinion was just addressing a query in the crowd around SSD press reliability throughout an internal training program. This is truly one particular element problems that any variety vendor within the business might have had.

When these first unsuccessful drives are changed then your XtremIO SSDs function just great, states EMC.

But, the large DOA price might have been an issue in EMC placing XtremIO methods on limited and small availability for the last couple of weeks.

Tuesday, 5-Nov-2013 14:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Marvellous! - I discover that Data Recovery London dot net now includes a fresh webpage about Mac hard drive recovery, and since there are lots of data and PC users in London. Great! a useful additional advice source to a great site, the next time I'm watching a test match at the Oval and my hard disk crashes I shall be contacting them!

Additionally I read that Yahoo is currently considering hashtags and perhaps adding them into it's research results... does this imply I must begin composing #datarecovery after everything? As an intriguing test I'll check it out for some time and see what the results are. Meanwhile, thank you for reading and I am hoping you always check again shortly.

Although searching my way through most of the data recovery websites last night my particular intention was supposed to see whether some of them had something distinct to share. Look wise they're very similar - But how much would you trust a sharp looking website? Properly it appears to me that lots of people would judge the essence of the organization's data recover service from the feel and look of it's site. This definitely is an unfortunate position since a few of the data recovery businesses possess the most effective internet sites. My recommendation in these types of scenarios is constantly to have a moment to-do a bit digging and comprehend the business maybe you are sending your hard-drive to.

It's not challenging, only visit Yahoo and type 'critique', and even though you need a critiques website kind something similar to 'data recovery critiques'. Curiously enough there currently is a website called this and it offers guests with all the titles and contact information on suggested British data recovery websites. My view is that it really's an useful source and that I've used it several occasions - it's assisted me.

Tuesday, 29-Oct-2013 11:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Help with Data Recovery

I've just found a decent website that is a useful addition to anyone suffering from hard drive failure and data loss. It's a data recovery web site called Data Recovery Tips.
Unlike most other web sites of this type it provides useful data recovery related information that allows you to investigate and troubleshoot hard disk drive problems yourself.
There are sections that cover mechanical, electronic, firmware and data failure, plus a section I found personally very useful about when you can use software to recover your data and when you can't. Sometimes it's not necessary to fork our a lot of cash to have your hard drive repaired or data recovered - sometimes it's possible to do it yourself.
Any way.... have a good day

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