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Thursday, 30-Jan-2014 18:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
We Used To Write Stuff Down...

Writing - remember that? Can anyone still write? It is not that long-ago that we wrote everything down on paper. Because almost everybody has a PC, our files are regularly stored to a hard drive instead nowadays. Technology has created this change but has it made our files any safer as a result. It really is astonishing how many of us think that having our folders to a hard drive means our information is safe. Hard disk drives are mechanical devices and, like other mechanical devices, can go wrong. I use computers a lot and my writing is now appalling.

Exactly how many hard drives do you have ? One thing for sure is they will all contain some data. The changeover of technologies has really meant it is easy to duplicate our digital information from one place to another when formerly we had need to write it out again or photocopy it, but the hard drive containing our digital information can nonetheless become damaged as well as it's files and folders become unreadable.

Prior to the arrival of hard disk drives, records that we kept in books such as diaries and picture albums was readily lost with a spring clean, not realising what these items were, or we could spill liquid over them and lose the writing permanently. Unlike old pictures that can be reprinted as long as we have the negatives, diaries and other paper records are not resilient.

With this in mind you might presume digital files are much safer than their older paper counterparts. They may be in certain ways but not in others. A good deal depends upon how you take care of them. If you have just one copy and you also lose it or it is corrupted somehow, you might not get it back. When you consider that many photos cannot be replaced, you'll understand just how precious they may be.

Data which is held digitally is in danger from various hazards. These include software problems like file system corruptions and malware attacks, human errors like accidental file deletions and external dangers like fire and flooding. To avoid data loss it's a good thought to ensure that precious data is backed up somewhere, preferably offsite. If information is backed up to an offsite location then it does not matter if the building is damaged since the information is also stored elsewhere. These businesses specialise in hard disk drive repairs and can retrieve data from crashed and damaged computer gear. One such company is Datlabs, a data recovery company based in England.

Naturally you always have the option to consult the professionals in a data recovery company like Datlabs to assist you retrieve the files and folders. But for the benefit of preparing a copy within the cloud, isn't it worth making a copy you may rely on? Treat your precious files and folders with the respect they warrant.

Thursday, 16-Jan-2014 15:39 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Apple Pay Out on Unauthorised App Purchases

You can't bill consumers for buys they didn't authorize. And this is the reason that Apple are refunding American parents $32.5m, after their children purchased tons of worthless material in applications - such as powerups in games - without their parent's permission.

Sometimes, a parent could authorize a young child's in-app purchase, which was billed to the grownup's charge card, without knowing that for another 15 minutes, additional purchases would be authorised without parental intervention - offering the child a considerable window of time to get loads of pricey material.

"This resolution is a triumph for customers hurt by Apple's unjust charge, plus a sign to the enterprise community: whether you're working in the cellular stadium or the shopping center farther down the road, essential consumer protections use," Edith Ramirez, chairwoman for the Federal Trade Commission, stated today in a declaration.

Apple's charge practices were branded unjust from the customer watchdog after thousands of users whined. The Federal Trade Commission said Apple hadn't made it apparent how the parental controls on apparatuses restricted the outlay of cash in apps - a mechanism modulated by Apple's Appstore therefore it might take a cut of any trades.

Below the details of the offer, Apple will give you full refunds to clients for bills which range from 99 cent buys to $99.99 in-app payments. The payout amounts to the amount of profit it takes Apple about 7.5 hours to generate. Yes... you read that right.[img]

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The Year Ahead in Data Security

As with any major invention in history, the benefits come with at a price. For years governments have been considering how to handle the world wide web, which has brought great gains but also great difficulties with it.

These problems reached new heights in 2013 as news of the PRISM data-gathering activity were reported around the world. Individuals and companies have constantly faced problems in shielding their data from criminals, but now with PRISM it has become obvious that they should shield it from their own governments too.

The PRISM scandal first broke in June 2013, when ex-CIA analyst Edward Snowden leaked records showing that regulators, for instance, US National-Security Agency (NSA) and UK Authorities Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), were siphoning huge quantites of user data from the likes of Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook. The complete details remain unknown, and possibly we shall never find out. The National Security Agency said in a community report that representatives interrogated 0.00004 percent of world's website traffic which is a huge piece of consumer data.

That makes it hard to fully assess how big is the problem, which kind of data was targeted by the National Security Agency additionally to what degree. Furthermore, this means the corporations involved have their reputations tarnished additionally. At a period when cloud computing services are helping productivity and their businesses in boosting economy prices, this drawback could make firms mindful of using cloud If firms or people believe that they may be spied on, they're going to have less trust in using cloud computing.

It's resulted in a number of suits contrary to the National Security Agency from Microsoft, Yahoo and Google. Google also encrypted all the data that passed through it's data centers in a bid to secure its customers from snooping government agencies and governments.

Authorities names have been further damaged by disclosures presenting that several of the encryption techniques useful for safe traffic online, including HTTPS and SSL, further eroding the trust of people and businesses in their own states governments.

The EU is presently drafting laws designed to put trust back into individuals on-line trades and communications. The draft with this legislation is anticipated sometime in 2014.[u][img]

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Recover Deleted Data

Should the fault in your hard drive need a data recovery expert it's wise to choose carefully as there are many businesses that provide data recovery solutions but few good data recovery companies. According to Recover Deleted Data, a well respected UK data recovery business, a substantial amount of the work they received in the past year came from disgruntled customers who had sent their faulty hard drives to other data recovery companies and then find these firms were not expert enough and lacked the abilities and knowledge to retrieve their lost data. Luckily, Recover Deleted Data were in most instances able to obtain a full recovery of data where these other data recovery firms had failed. This is just one of the reasons Recover Deleted Data's reputation grows and one of the reasons they're now viewed as one of the leading lights in the area of data recovery, developing new recovery techniques and cutting edge applications to recover data where formerly no data recovery remedy existed.

It's not that long ago that we wrote everything down on paper. Nowadays because practically everyone has a computer, our information is frequently written to a drive instead. Technology has really brought about this change in our behaviour but has it made our digital data any more secure as a consequence?

A significant point to draw attention to that you should not dismiss is that the data is never ever fully safe. You could quite easily lose your hard disk or have it taken, and in case you have not backed your files and folders up then it is lost forever.

Just how many hard drives do you have at home? One thing for certain is they will all contain some data. The changeover of technologies has meant that it is simple to reproduce our digital information from one place to another when formerly we had have to write it out again or photocopy it, but the disk drive having our digital information can nevertheless become broken and it's files and folders become unreadable.

With regards to old data that was kept prior to using a hard disk, this might be lost when moving house. Additionally, data may be erased in many different ways. As an example should you shoot traditional pictures, as long as you have the negatives you may get the photos re-printed. Yet in case you not look after the negatives you've no real means of reprinting them.

Keeping this in mind you may think digital files are much safer . They may be in some ways but not in some others. A good deal depends on how well you look after them. If you only have one copy and you also lose it or it is corrupted in some way, you might not get it back. That is why it is so vital that you make back-ups of any digital file you value, because a backup will stop you from losing all manner of valuable pictures. When you take into account that numerous photographs cannot be replaced, you'll understand just how valuable they are.

Data which is held digitally is at risk from various threats. These include software problems like file-system corruptions and malware attacks, human errors like accidental file deletions and external dangers like fire and flooding. To avoid data loss it is a good idea to ensure that valuable data is copied someplace, preferably offsite. If information is backed to an offsite place then it does not matter should the building is damaged as the information is stored elsewhere. If the worst happens and your computer information becomes damaged or inaccessible then companies which provide data recovery services may be contacted. These companies specialise in hard drive repairs and will recover data from crashed and faulty computer gear.

Obviously you also have the option to consult the specialists in a data recovery business that will help you recover your files and folders. But for the benefit of preparing a copy in the cloud, isn't it worth making a backup you may rely on? Treat your precious files and folders with the care they warrant.

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An Excellent Data Recovery Company I Recommend

In case you are not computer literate, losing data on a hard drive can be difficult since you do not have the knowledge of what to do to regain your data. Luckily, there are companies which will help you get that data back. Raid and server data recovery are an example British organisation - commonly referred to as data recovery companies - and they're able to retrieve data from nearly any kind of hard drive in almost any kind of condition. So if you realize that you are in a situation where you've lost valuable advice you should not presume that this data can't be retrieved.

Sometimes when there is no harm to the hard disk, application programs can be utilized to help regain your data on your own. There are usually trial versions available on the net that will tell you what they can and can not regain first. If you choose you need to recover the data they discover you'll have to purchase the program which normally costs several pounds. A word-of warning though, what may initially appear to be a simple hard disk problem might be something much more serious and attempting to regain the data yourself may cause many more problems. So if unsure, you must always seek professional assistance as there may be problems within your disk that prevent it from functioning correctly.

There are several companies that specialise in repairing damaged hard drives. In the process of retrieving your data, theses data recovery businesses too can repair your hard disk. Kinds of the problems data recovery businesses can repair include broken boards, mechanical hard drive faults such as the 'click of death' and beeping hard drives. You'd use a hard drive recovery business as soon as your local IT provider can't help you.

Remember that just because your hard drive breaks or the data on it seems to have disappeared, this doesn't mean that the data is lost forever. Skilled data retrieval businesses that can find and save lost data on the damaged hard drive. In the complete process of restoring and recovering the data, the hard drive problems that caused the data to go missing in the very first place is going to be fixed. This is beneficial as it guarantees that it won't happen again.

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