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Thursday, 21-Jul-2016 07:24 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Unresponsive Hard Drives

Unresponsive hard drives usually mean data loss and the requirement for data recovery services. Here are some example with links for you to follow.

Need data recovered from a failed hard disk from a laptop – my WD passport for Mac has stopped showing up under devices in finder. The light on the drive is still working and it still makes noises when plugged in. I have tried it on 2 other macs and it still does not show up. Is it possible for the data to be recovered?

External 3 TB Lacie Minimus. Port connection into HDD snapped. Lacie says port circuit board replacements no longer available – needs to be repaired.

Hi the heads have failed on my 2TB Toshiba External Hard drive, was wondering if you could give any sort of quotation on either replacing them or any other options.

My external hard drive (Startech USB 2.0 Sata, model number SAT3510BU2V) has recently stopped working. When connected to a PC I hear the disk spinning but it is not recognised. I have not tried a different enclosure because I don't have one but I have tried different cables and usb ports. I'd like to know the cost and process for retrieving the data.

My external hard drive (250gb) was disconected and went RAW. Can the data be recovered if so how much.

Western Digital Passport – not recognised on computer when plugged in. Need data retrieval. Can you provide a quote please for say turnaround in 3-4 days?

Thursday, 16-Jun-2016 09:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Fixing NAS Qnap and iMac

Recovering the data from a QNAP RAID NAS
We have a raid system to back up all our files that we print. The system went down a week or so ago and we believe it was something to do with the thunder and lightning that we had at the time. Heidelberg installed the system and it automatically backs up every night from their pre-press system. Their engineers have been out a couple of times and they have been unable to fix the problem. They suggested that we contact a company that specialises in data recovery.
We have 2 Qnap raids – one is a mirror of the other and contacted Data Clinic as they are renowned Qnap NAS data recovery experts. Each raid had 5 drives each holding 2 terrabytes of data – the drives were Seagate ST2000DM001 drives and I assumed we would only need to do the recovery on one of the systems. On reflection I'm so please we contacted Data Clinic to help with the restoration of these system as what on paper seemed a straightforward job turned out to be anything but. There was bad media on several of the hard drives on each system which meant that rather than recover the files straightaway, Data clinic had to 'image' the hard drives to more stable media before any attempt could be made to rescue the information from the QNAPs.

iMac Upgrade = Data Loss
A number of upgrades to iMac computers in both my home and office led to a situation where photographs dating back to 2001 were left on a single one of my devices – an ipad2. Unable to back these photographs up to iCloud or indeed anywhere else I purchased an app for data transfer and was successful in transferring about one 20th of the data to a shared folder. Unfortunately the iPad then deleted the remainder of the photos so only those dating from 2012 remain on any of my computers. Try as I might I had been unable to recover these by convention means or by means of retrieval methods available by downloading apps. Fortunately a colleague of mine recommended the experts at Data Clinic in Birmingham. They restored my photographs and told me the problem was caused by a suspected fault between the iPhoto to Photo apps. I was very keen to recover these photographs and was not interested in getting anything else restored! I'm very grateful to Data Clinic for saving the day!

Wednesday, 8-Jun-2016 06:52 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Data Recovery

Data recovery is the process of extracting information (usually in the form of files and folders) from broken or faulty digital storage devices. By far the two most popular types of digital storage device at the computer hard disk drive, and the mobile or smartphone.

Both hard disk drives and smartphones continually develop problems and access to the data they store is lost. Retrieving the information requires a data recovery company. Both hard disk recovery and smartphone recovery enquires are discussed below:

Hard Drive Recovery
I have two usb external hard drives (one Iomega and one Western Digital) that have not been working for some time now. I'm not sure what the cause was (though I have moved house a few times lately and so it's possible they could have been damaged in transit) but they both contain important data that I use for my work.

Drive failed on reboot (Western Digital 500Gb) and droning noise on start up and fails to boot. Can't get it to be picked up by a docking station or as a secondary drive so can't access it at all. Not urgent but if possible would like to get data back.

Seagate external storage not recognised on devices. Please advise cost of recovering any data.
If data is not recoverable what is the fee?

Phone Data Recovery
iPhone 5 water damage I have taken it into repair and it switches on. The problem is the backlight touch screen and graphics not working. It does talk to a computer but I need all my data off there.

iPhone doesn't recognise charger, we fear due to water damage, and there are a lot of photos we wish to recover from the phone which we don't know if they are backed-up.

Having problems with he lg g3 phone for the past few weeks..eventually phone went to dead blue screen tried to reset phone back,….but have lost all contacts photos etc all messages is there any way to retrieve as screen in still blue. Senimental photos and information. please confirm if this can be recovered on this android phone

Tuesday, 17-May-2016 08:50 Email | Share | | Bookmark
WD Hard Drive Recovery, Leeds

As many of you know, from time to time I am asked about data recovery. Here's a question I got asked today - with my Data Clinic hat on, I have answered the question below:

I have a one terabyte WD My passport external USB drive which started clicking very badly. The drive had a password which we can supply you. The drive was almost full at the time of failure.
Can you please confirm whether you can recover the data (to another HD if repair is not possible).
Can you also confirm the cost of the work, if the service is based on no data no fee bases, and what is the likely time required for this service (it is not critical that we get the data back quickly, but it is important to have an idea of the duration).
I am in Bradford, your Leeds office will be the nearest to me.

It's not possible to confirm whether data from a hard drive can be recovered until the drive has been inspected. In most situations, Data Clinic are able to fully recover all the data from damaged hard drives but there are circumstances where recovering the data is not possible because the hard drive is too damaged to be able to salvage anything of value.

Our closest office to Bradford is our Leeds location on Gelderd Road. However, if a full laboratory facility is required (as is the case when dealing with clicking hard drives), it would be best if the hard drive came to our Manchester offices.

Clicking hard drives usually indicate a damaged read write head inside the hard drive. The symptoms your hard drive produces certainly leads me to believe that this is the fault with your hard drive too. Recovery of the data will rely on us being able to source a compatible spare part and then rebuild the hard drive with it. If this goes to plan we will be able to recover your data.

Monday, 18-Apr-2016 11:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Need To Fix LaCie Hard Drive

My 2011 lacie rugged 1TB FW800 USB2 drive stopped mounting on mac OS X 10.10.
I was able to run a permission repair from utility disk, but failed with warning to back up data ASAP.
Now it doesn't show up in disk utility or diskwarrior anymore, so I'm unable to recover data.
Connect using FW800 to Thunderbolt and usb2, haven't tried with external power supply though.
What would readers recommend?

Here is some additional information, the hard drive contains about 18 months of crucial work data. I work between Reading and Bristol and commute to each city several times a week, hence the reason for me owning an portable hard drive - rather that use the cloud, which when saving files as large as the ones I use takes ages, I save everything to this Lacie drive. Now it looks like I've maybe lost the data and I'm in a slight panic about it.

While the internet abounds with lots of self-help tech sites, I am wary of most of them. A few of these seem to offer good advice though - I'm particularly impressed with, a site that has lots of decent info about hard disks and what to do when they go wrong. I followed some of the advice I read there and was quickly able to ascertain that I did not have the knowledge or the skills to sort out the problems on my hard drive myself. The datareplayservices site talked about professional "data recovery companies" who solely exist to rescue the data from hard drives like my own broken one. A search of reviews and recommendations took me to, an English data recovery specialist based at several locations throughout the United Kingdom. Fortunately they have locations in both Bristol and Reading. But, I decided not to use either of these locations and instead call in at their Fareham branch with my broken hard drive and a hopefully expression!

Datlabs Were Good!
When i turned up at Datlabs data recovery I was pleased to see they obviously had a lot of decent quality repair equipment. This put me at ease as they obviously knew what they were doing. I found the internet to be full of scare stories about people giving their busted hard drives to companies to fix and the whole thing going wrong. This I'm pleased to say was not my experience with Datlabs. As a new company in Fareham i was pleased to see they'd invested heavily in their lab facilities and an internet search reassured me as I found other people talking about them on other blog site, including the well respected edublog of Jan Schon at

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