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Tuesday, 9-May-2017 10:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Data Recovery Advice

Below are various instances of digital storage devices going faulty. My advice in all cases is Google the problem. I often go to a site called that provides decent assistance (free) and will recover the data for you if required (not free).

Unfortunately I dropped my external hard drive and when I plug it in it no longer registers. There's a faint beeping sound for a few seconds when I do plug it in. I don't think it's spinning up at all.

Samsung Galaxy S6, broken lcd screen when I dropped the phone however it can't be repaired sinced the frame is slightly bent. I am insured, however before I send my phone away I would love to recover the data on my phone in particular the photos. I am unable to do this myself despite the phone still tunning and being recognised on my PC via USB as my phone is locked.

Can't access hard drive as seems corrupted. Only want two folders recovered from it.

3TB Seagate Barracuda (Expansion Desk – gently removed from enclosure) unrecognisable via USB and SATA. Hum and clicks (then repeating) on connection to power and 2 PCs.

This is the personal hard drive of one of our directors and has been dropped previously and smashed open. The drive contains personal images of family holidays, which the director is keen to recover.

My external hard drive doesnt not come up on the laptop or desktop when connect. Does not show anywhere so i cant even access it. thank as i look forward to hearing from you.

I put my Samsung Galaxy S5 inside of washing machine. Externally is looks perfect and not show any kind of damage but it does not turn it on.

WD Passport Ultra external hard drive used for a MacBook 2tb. Will not load up on computer. A continuous clicking sound like it is trying to load. Need all data on hard drive.

The hard drive makes ticking sound and my computer cannot read it. no detection, WD10EZRX-00L4HB0

failure of a host z5k500-500 hard drive out of a mac book pro, it made a clicking noise just be for failure and will now not boot,

I'm helping a friend out who's hard drive has failed. The drive is a Verbatim 3TB. It is/was an external drive, but one that is basically an internal drive inside a box. I have taken it out of the box, so it is now essentially the same as an internal drive (SATA connection). When the drive is powered up it spins up, makes a screeching sound, a couple of clicks, the powers down again. I can't be sure, but I think it may have overheated due to being left on in an area with low air flow. Could you give me a ballpark quote for this kind of recover, if it is possible. Many thanks, Phil. Ps. It would be better to email me as I normally cannot answer my mobile at work.

Tuesday, 25-Apr-2017 10:26 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Tips on Hard Drive Faults

We have a lenovo tablet, it was going through an android update but partway through it went to the bios menu. On the bios menu we selected reboot. After rebooting it is stuck on the lenovo screen. You can switch it off and on but it will only get as far as the lenovo screen. When plugged in to a computer, the computer doesn't recognise it. Please could you let us know if it's possible to recover any photos/videos on the tablet? if it's possible to fix the tablet that's great but the photos/videos are priority. Please could we have a quote if it's possible? Please could you contact me via email as I wont be able to answer my phone whilst at work.

I have three tablets with research data from Malawi – some of which seems to be missing. I wondered if there is any way you could have a look and see if you could recover the data on them? I am in interviews all day today so if you could email me, that would be easiest.

accidently reset factory setting on iphone 4 .. has video of my mum who has passed away on.. tried to recover it myself all I get is since factory setting stuff. video is on the actual phone.. need you to un factory setting it?
do you think you could do it as its very valuable to me if so how much wil this cost approx.?

My windows (10) HDD has been getting progressively slower over the last few months. I only use the PC 5 hours a week. Slow performance was most noticeable just after windows booted, and for 1-2 minutes after log in. After a few minutes the PC would become usable. However last week, the PC failed to boot and the BIOS could not find the drive. I removed the HDD and put into into a USB external case connected to a laptop. There I could hear the HDD as it powered up. It made the usual first 2-3 seconds of faint clicking (heads engaging?) , but then just a faint whistle and windows explorer on my laptop could not 'see the drive. Its a Seagate barracuda 500gb sata-II drive, about 3-4 years old.

While trying to get a DVD out of a very tight case, The DVD cracked, from the middle, about a Half inch long. I have tried 3 DVD programs but they come up with No disc In Drive. The DVD contains video footage that is very precious to me.Please can you help.

Friday, 7-Apr-2017 09:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Work in Data Recovery

This week I took on the data recovery work of several hard disk repair shops that had become very busy. Below are some of the jobs I was asked to rescue the data from.

I have already given my phone to your collection centre – MPR IT solutions in Ashford Kent to David. It will sent in tomorrows post. its a Samsung S6-G920FD – dual sim UAE model which I had brought online. I am interested in recovering – all contacts, photos and app data mainly.
there are some adult videos due to my school whatsapp bloody groups!! which I don't neccesarily need.

I have an external hard drive with its own power adaptor.
The drive has stopped working even though it has power, on powering up the drive normally makes a spinning sound which it now doesn't.
It's a Toshiba 1TB, about 6 years old.

I had my LaCie external hard drive working and on, when somebody tripped over the cable knocking it off the coffee table it was on, onto the floor. It now won't read on my laptop and is making a clicking noise. It will power on though.

I have an external WD black 4TB drive 3.5 which fell down the table while I was working with it. I tried to recover data using two different services in Italy but it couldn't be done. I'm just wondering what are chances of recovering some data and the cost involved. Thank you for your help

We would need – 100664987 REV B PCB from a Seagate ST2000DM001 2000GB

Toshiba 1Tb harddrive was working fine and one evening it took a while to get recognised on my laptop. I managed to access it, but then after, it simply didn't show up again on My Computer nor on Disk Management nor Device Manager. It still vibrates though, when connected to the laptop, but nothing else happens. Tried other USB ports and other computers that previously read data from it, but no hope.

Monday, 20-Mar-2017 19:23 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Laptop Lost Data

My laptop was forgotten on and stopped cause of battery low. When I turn on again, after 1 week, was appear a totally different desktop without anything which I had on desktop.(pdf,documents, folders). everything was gone.Then I downloaded my pictures from a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge on desktop, in 2 new folders. After that I turn the phone to factory settings cause had problem with charging. On the laptop, on desktop,was now 2 folders with pictures ( aprox 5GB) and some little videos in the same folders. After a while , 2-3 hours, the laptop get in stand by. When I moved the touchpad, everything come back to the initial situation , exactly how I left and i knew it with 1 week ago , with wallpaper, my pdf.s , folders , documents etc…exactly the same. The problem is now I can t find the 2 folders with photos , which I moved from the phone. I tried all searches and many recovery programs. I mentioned I didn t deleted them . Just I cant find them. Now , My question is…how we can recover them? how is much better? from the laptop hard or from the phone ( the phone was formated to factory settings and doesn t have card , just internal memory). If you can help me please contact me I'm local to Glasgow.

My wifes I phone had a broken screen, so we thougt it could be replaced by buying a kit, The video's made it look simple, big mistake! now its in pieces and did not relase she had not backed it up. Can you recovery the lost pictures and video and notes ??

Was dropped off desk at a party whilst connected to laptop. Something shows up when plugged in / blue light on hard drive shows up, however nothing appears as it usually would do on the laptop. I'm close to Glasgow city centre and can call in

Laptop hardrive started making a clicking noise in MacBook Pro mid 2010. 320gb SATA hardrive Toshiba.
Software recovery not possible. How much would it cost for data recovery?

I have recently purchased a Lenovo T540p second-hand. It was probably a company laptop but I bought it from a reputable London pawn shop on eBay. It has Win 8.1 installed but originally was setup with Win 7 Pro. I want to install a new hard drive (SSD) and do a clean install of Windows 8.1 onto the machine. I will remove the old HDD and put it into a different machine.
However I can see that the laptop has first of all a Power On Password (POP) or a supervisor password set on it which does not allow me to make changes to a some of the BIOS
settings. I see also that there may be a Hard Disk password on the HD as well but I will have to check that. It is still under warranty, but Lenovo may not be that helpful with this I hear? I do not know if it is just the Power On Password or if there is a supervisor password on it as well. I am able to press enter in order to bypass the BIOS password entry
and enter the BIOS but this leaves some entries grayed out so I cannot change them.
I would like to enable virtualization on the machine in order to run Oracle Virtualbox and also would like to have access to the full BIOS.
I would also like there not to be a password on the HDD so I can reuse it one it is extracted from the machine.
I could get in contact with the pawn shop but I doubt the would have a way to contact the previous owner.
I could open up the machine and take out the CMOS battery (details in the t540p hardware manual) to reset the Power On Password.
But my understanding is that if there is a supervisor password set on the machine this will then render this machine inaccessible unless I then also input the supervisor password?

Wednesday, 1-Mar-2017 10:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Recovery in Didsbury

A while ago you fixed a hard drive problem for my friends at the mortgage broker manchester and now they have given me your details as I have a 2TB WD My Passport which has stopped working. I believe it is a reading error as i can see some of the folders and files but can not open or copy them to any other device. I live local to Didsbury and also work near to Cheadle (at Wythenshawe), I have around 500GB of data on the disk for which i potentially would like most of it recovered if possible.
Any help will be appreciated.

Initially my external hard drive was not being recognised when I plugged it into my Mac. External hard drive is split into two drives as my Mac is dual booted.
External hard drive is now not being recognised on plugging into laptop.
Allowed technicians at work (I teach at Manchester Airport) to look at it and they can see the files on the hard drive but cannot copy them off there or open. Have taken a complete copy of all the folders on the hard drive but they all copy empty.
I've 14 years of teaching resources on the hard drive and not backed things up for a couple of years!

My hard drive will light up when i plug it into my laptop, but there is no indication on my laptop that it is plugged in so can't access the files. I believe the hard drive has been damaged- how much will repair cost? You can call me on my Didsbury number and get me at work in Cheadle.

I have 2 Wd identical external hard drive. One of them contains my photos and is corrupted. The other is working fine. I had a computer engineer look at it and he said that the corrupted drive has a faulty part which I can have replaced from the other working external drive. Would it be possible for you to repair? Please let me know.

In this case its a single 500GB Seagate Momentus Thin laptop drive that needs to be recovered. The drive does show up when connected to a pc but is inaccessible.

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