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Tuesday, 10-Jan-2017 06:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark
More data recovery woes

Hello everyone and welcome to my first post of 2017! - Here we take a closer look at hard disk drives and smartphone problems. Thanks to the kind folks at Data Clinic for their data recovery advice and supplying the questions.

I have a Freecom external 250GB hard drive (model SSLAAA) which has suddenly stop responding. The drive is no longer recognised by either Windows or OSX. The disk powers up but only initiates a dialogue box with the message that the drive needs formatting (Win) or initialising (OSX).

My IMac required a new hard drive and the data could not be recovered. How much would it cost for you to do this for me .

HDD no longer booting (Mac OSX). Not visible in Disk Utility, Disk Warrior etc.

We have a laptop that had water spilt on it. The laptop doesn't boot. We have removed the hardrive and tried to place in caddy to get data but were not successful. are you able to provide a quote to try an get the data?

My Nokia windows phone won't turn on. Vodafone have said that they can repair it but they'll wipe all the data. I didn't take up this option because I want all the photos and videos from the phone. Is this something you can help with?

Drive clicking, not accessible when connected to desktop via USB cable. not powering up – been knocked – need data retrieving

This is a Dell PC from one of our personal customers. The disk suddenly failed. We've taken it out and put it into a cradle – it spins up but won't mount and we can't see it in our disk utilities either.
He had backups to NOve 2015 so is keen to know if you can salvage picture and docs that are more recent.

I have a Sony Xperia Z3 that just wont turn on. The back of my phone had cracked into tiny little peices and now my phone has no back. I really need to retrieve my data if somone could help me with this.

Hard disk was running very slow, chkdsk and dfrag didn't resolve the issues. Once re-started the disk began making a clicking noise, I've removed the disk from the laptop and placed it in a caddy and the issue is following the drive.
I'd like to recover the data from the drive if possible.
Please could you provide me a quote for this work?
I'm based in Pontefract, West Yorkshire.

Friday, 2-Dec-2016 07:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Advice on Various Computer Topics

My Iphone screen won't work & when attached to my computer says it requires passcode, but obviously it won't work so I can't. Please advise. Many Thanks.

Pressed the middle of the drive while it was running as was velcro'ing it down.
Now won't recognises on PC or Mac.
WD My Passport Ultra 1TB

1. Could you tell me where you are based in Sunderland if I need to drop off my laptop (including opening hours)?
2. I have a laptop that has been dropped and is no longer working. I need to have a copy of the temporary internet files found on the laptop hard drive and any lists of cookies and websites accessed via this laptop etc
3. I do not need the laptop once the data has been hopefully retrieved
4. Could you give me an indication of costs of the work please?
5. How long will it take days or weeks?

I dropped my laptop and the harddisk stoppped working. I was unable to reboot it.
It seems to be unrepairable.
I would like to retain my data as they are much valuable.
Would you please help me?
I would like to know about the cost too.

My laptop is recent running lag, and now is unable to boot because of the problem 0xc00000e9. I think the hard drive could have been corrupted or stop functioning probably as documented at , so I would like to have a data backup and recovery if possible thanks you very much.

We have an external Seagate drive that has crashed and isn't accessible by either laptop or PC. The device makes a clicking noise when trying to access it and the blue light flashes. Can you help recover the data on the drive, mainly family photos

iomega ex HDD Model No. 31758600
Mac OSX partion
Not mounting on desktop.
Not seen in Disk Utility.
Regular click sound. Sounds like its trying to mount then skips back to start and repeat.
Stupidly I tried a few home remedies which haven't worked. I most probably have made things worse.

My Lacie 2big NAS has 9 shares, 5 of which have become "inactive", they cannot be accessed via mac finder nor the Lacie (Seagate) NAS web interface. This is despite have the latest firmware and being logged on as an admin.
I'm speaking to lacie, however for speed I am interested in getting it looked at by an expert.
Would be interested to know how much this would cost,

WD My Passport Ultra can't be seen.
Power lights on and I can see the drive in Computer Management but when I go to Initialise the disk I get an I/O Device Error.
WD will replace the drive but I want to retrive data first.

Tuesday, 8-Nov-2016 06:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Data Recovery in Northampton and Glasgow

In this post we examine some hard drive problems requiring data recovery in Northampton and Glasgow. I've used the web site as a reference as it contains lots of decent information about hard drive problems.

WD 500GB external hard drive just whirling when put it in. But doesn't connect.
Could bring it into lombard st branch. Not clear what times you are open.
Would like a quote for recovery

I have a SSD hard drive from a laptop computer with videos, we seen the videos on someone else's laptop but when we got them home from Australia we can not get them to show on any computer here in the UK. please can you help

I dropped my 3TB WD External Hard drive and now my laptop is not recognizing it. The computer was not rebooting ,we bought a new fan as it was not working after that the data cannot be revered from the hard drive.

My internal harddrive suddenly stopped working and only displays "hard drive not detected" on the screen. It cannot be recognised by a computer either. Please can I see whether you would be able to try and retrieve the photos and what time frame and cost this would be ? I'm currently in Northamptom so please can I request email communication !

I have a Seagate 3TB external hard disk which is no longer recognised by my computers. Recently I had noticed it becoming slower to access files, so had bought a replacement Ext HDD intent on moving the content over. Today when I hooked it up intending to transfer everything, I'm getting a clicking sound as though the read head isn't catching at all. The computer recognises that a USB device had been attached, but won't show the drive itself.
Hoping this is something you can assist with recovering the data or fixing the drive. How do you go about providing the recovered data – do I need to prove another device to load this on to? And what would the cost be, as best as you can tell without seeing it yet?
I work in Glasgow so can drop off at your Glasgow location.

Monday, 17-Oct-2016 05:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Harddrives and Phones - Help!

External Harddrive not working
Once plugged in harddrive appears to be running (light flashing) but does not automatically boot up.
Windows explorer screen shows the harddrive to be an unnamed Local Disk.
Trying to access the drive causes it to error and close down windows explorer.
Safely ejecting Harddrive takes several minutes.

need improved quality on hdd cctv infrared footage of burgarly

I have a 1TB G DRIVE mobile USB from g-technology.
There is some noise from the drive when I connect it to my MacBook Pro but it no longer shows up in the Finder and I can't access it.
I wish to recover the contents and transfer to my new hard drive.
I live in Chiswick and it appears you have offices in the Barley Mow Centre. That would be very convenient.

I was transferring files from Ubuntu 16.04 to an external hard drive (WD Elements 2TB) and my Ubuntu froze. After half an hour, of waiting I stupidly unplugged the hard drive instead of shutting down my computer. At the moment the hard drive is unrecognised (also making clicking noises) neither by my computer or either from my girlfriends Mac. I would like to know if the disk is permanently damaged (unusable anymore) and if that is the case, is it possible to extract the information and how much would that cost?

400GB Hitachi Deskstar HD seems to have failed. Is not being picked up by computer or external HD dock. Need the files recovered, as they were not backed up. The HD belongs to my 74 year old grandfather, he would be over the moon to have his precious files back It would be convenient if you could text or email me your response, as I am currently at work

Turned on my laptop one day and recived a message. Blue screen with Recovery. Your PC needs to be repaired. File:\WINDOWS\system32\winload.exe Error Code 0xc0000225. Took it to a local shop and they said my hard drive has failed. Recommended i speak to a data recovery expert. The hard drive is a WD Scorpio.

my seagate ultra slim 1TB memory device as stopped working. it will not load or be recognised on my laptop and it makes a beeping noise when first plugged in for about 5 seconds. i obviously need the data from it as its family photos etc.

WD My Passport Ultra, it spins and lights up but isn't detected by my mac. It was dropped, but wasn't working perfectly beforehand either.

Water damaged <a href="">samsung S6</a> will not turn on at all. I have photos and phone numbers that i would liketo retrieve. Please call back after 4.30pm.

Thursday, 22-Sep-2016 08:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hard Drive I/O Errors

I have 3 Ext HDs that don't seem to work. They all contact and make that sound on a PC when you plug it in, and when you go to control panel you can see them as a device and you can eject them, but they don't come up as a USB in the main C: folder. I'm unsure, because they then suddenly stopped being recognised by my computers, I did try drive management where it said that the drives had an I/O error.

I/O errors are usually to do with a problem on your hard disk drive. So it's not your computer or your applications that are causing the problems, it's the hard drive itself. You can find a longer explanation of I/O errors at, and usually the errors are of a sufficiently serious nature that you'll need the services of a data recovery specialist if you want to ever get the data back off the hard drive.

It seems like the USB port at the top of my hard drive is loose as the light comes on for a bit when i hold it at certain angles, but the computer does not register it. I have tried using a different cable and this didn't fix the problem. It's a Samsung 1TB portable HD.

Hard drives with integrated USB ports on the motherboards are generating a fair amount of column inches in the pages of various hard drive technical blogs like this one. My opinion is that it's an oversight on the part of the hard drive manufacturer to put this port on the hard drive motherboard, because this is the interface where cables are continuously attached and pulled out - and therefore the interface needs to be strongly and securely attached to the motherboard with additional solder etc. So if the hard drive makers are to persist in this practice they need to be using a much stronger attachment, or they should go back to using SATA-to-USB adaptors. Interestingly it's not just me who thinks SATA-to-USB adaptors are a good idea, see this article in PC World.

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